About Survive Armed Robbery training

Our difference:

Wide research reveals a high probability that Survive Armed Robbery is the only online training, world-wide, that principally uses ex armed robbers and victims to engage and teach cash-handling staff how to best survive armed hold-ups.

Armed robbery - a drug fuelled crime:

A sad fact of life today, is that we are exposed to social and hard drugs like never before. The addictive drug ‘ice’ is of increasing concern in our cities and regional areas.

Armed robbery is the crime of choice for drug addicts who need small amounts of cash to fuel their daily habit. This makes all cash-handling businesses at risk of armed robbery at any time.

Today, the most common armed robbery perpetrator is the drug addict - estimated to commit around 70% of all armed robberies. The drug addicted armed robber, desperate for money to satisfy their craving - is the most dangerous of all for cash-handling staff to respond to.

This safety training instructs staff how to best survive in this situation. No one can guarantee survival in any armed robbery, but Survive Armed Robbery guidance will greatly improve your chances.

This training - how it began:

Around a decade ago – award-winning documentary filmmaker David Goldie was approached by Andrew Paterson - Internationally Certified Crime Prevention Expert. Andrew suggested they join forces to create an armed robbery safety training program, because most of the training currently available, he told David, “was dull and ineffectual”. Andrew’s comment inspired David to think outside the box when it came to innovative, engaging training content and participants.

Within a matter of days David began to film interviews of ex armed robbers and armed robbery survivors – to create Survive Armed Robbery.

Engage. Learn. Survive.

The input of actual perpetrators and victims makes the training engaging and believable.

This produces better learning and retention for staff – and better application of those learnings.

Cost and time effective:

Survive Armed Robbery is cost and time effective – especially for medium to large work forces:

  • No staff supervision is required.
  • Training interactivity is simple and easy to follow.
  • Training & Testing are completed in around 20 minutes - making Survive Armed Robbery one of the fastest, most engaging armed robbery safety training programs available – anywhere.

It’s a viable, industry endorsed alternative to expensive and time-consuming face-to-face training.